Cider & Perry List
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Please note that there will be an A4 notice on each cask giving details such as sweetness and style, as well as ABV and price. Please ask the bar staff if you have any questions.

This is the list as ordered and is subject to change and availability. Please check with the festival before making a special journey.

Maker Product Style ABV
Black Rat Black Rat Cider Dry 6.0
Black Rat Black Rat Perry Perry 7.5
Bottle Kicking Cider Co. C2 (Cranberry + Cherry) Fruit 4.0
Bottle Kicking Cider Co. PPP (Pineapple + Peach + Passion Fruit) Fruit 4.0
Broadoak Broadoak Perry Perry 7.5
Broadoak Moonshine Medium 7.5
Broadoak Pheasant Plucker Medium 4.5
Celtic Marches Lily the Pink Medium 4.5
Celtic Marches Thundering Molly Medium 5.2
Cotswold Cider Co. She Devil Sweet 4.3
Dorset Nectar Passion Fruit Fruit 4.0
Farmer Jim's Farmyard Perry Perry 4.5
Gwatkin Foxwhelp Dry 7.5
Gwatkin No Bull Med/Sw 4.5
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill Med/Sw 7.0
Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon Med/Dry 7.2
Gwynt Y Ddraig Happy Daze Medium 4.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Perry Perry 4.5
Hallets National Treasure Sweet 5.0
Harry's Cider Dirty Harry Fruit 4.0
Harry's Cider Flash Harry Fruit 4.0
Harry's Cider No. 8 Sweet 6.2
Harry's Cider Scrummage Medium 6.2
Hecks Blakeney Red Perry 6.5
Heck's Glastonbury Gold Med/Sw 6.5
Hunts Bull Walloper Med/Sw 7.2
Hunts Hazy Dazy Sweet 4.5
Orchard Pig Navelgazer Dry 6.0
Pulp Cider Rhubarb Fruit 4.0
Pure North Fusion Med/Dry 6.5
Pure North Valley Gold Medium 6.0
Sandford Orchard Devon Red Medium 4.5
Sandford Orchard Devon Scrumpy Medium 6.0
Sanford Orchard Fannys Bramble Fruit 4.0
Seacider Blueberry Fruit 4.0
Seacider White Peach Fruit 4.0
Snails Bank Appley Dappley Sweet 5.2
Snails Bank Fruit Bat Fruit 4.0
Snails Bank Raspberry Ripple Fruit 4.0
Snails Bank Rhubarb Fruit 4.0
Snails Bank Strawberry & Lime Fruit 4.0
Snails Bank Very Perry Perry 5.2
Tutt's Clump Mango Fruit 4.0
Ventons Sweet Maid in Devon Sweet 6.0
Westcroft Janet's Jungle Juice Med/Dry 6.0
Wobblegate Eden Apple Med/Sw 5.0
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